Drum Tab Printer

Drum Tab Printer 1.0

Converts drum tabs to regular sheet music with embedded data

Transforms the drum tabs into regular sheet music format with the possibility to print them in high-quality. The generated sheet includes the notes and their graphical details, flams, ghost notes, and rim shots. The repetitions are recognized as well.

Drum Tab Printer can convert drum tabs to regular sheet music format. Whithin seconds you can print high-quality and easy to play sheet music. You just have to copy the text based tab from the website and paste it into the program. Then click on print and you get the tab in a nice looking sheet music format. On the first page the program labels the songtitle, band, album and the drummer.
The notation is optimized for drums sheet music. It recognizes the "most important" drums: snare, bass, hi-hat, different toms, crash cymbal, ride cymbal and even cowbells. It notes flams, ghost notes and rim shots as you would it to do. It also recognizes repetitions in the tab and marks them on the printed version like you know it from normal sheet music.
The program is free for any private use and is updated regularly.

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